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Characters & Environment design

Ilan 01 WAS WHO



Once upon a time, Ilan had

a Big Dream

 Ilan 02 WAS WHO
 Ilan 03 WAS WHO

He wanted to create a 

Social Network

But not just any network-

a Unique

 Ilan 04 WAS WHO
 Ilan 05 WAS WHO

Where all friends can meet

in Chat Rooms

A network where everyone can use

Wildest Imagination

 Ilan 06 WAS WHO
 Ilan 07 WAS WHO

To Decorate and Personalize

Virtual Events

And at the same time deal with 

a Very Important . ..

 Ilan 08 WAS WHO
 Ilan 09 WAS WHO

.. .big part of

Everyone's Life

So Ilan found

The Best

 Ilan 10 WAS WHO
Ilan 11 WAS WHO

And had to be very patient while

a "WAS WHO" was built

And finally

it was Done

Ilan 12 WAS WHO
Avi & Oren 01 WAS WHO

Ilan invited his best friends

Avi and Oren

to  share his dream

At first, they were perplexed by

the Metaverse Idea

Avi & Oren 02 WAS WHO
Avi & Oren 03 WAS WHO

But then discovered

it's Importance

And fell in Love with all the


Avi & Oren 04 WAS WHO

They even created many

more Interactive

Avi & Oren 05 WAS WHO

Together,  Avi and Oren have made

a Secure System

To safe Inheritances as


Avi & Oren 06 WAS WHO
Avi & Oren 07 WAS WHO

And from now on,

Memorials bring people closer,
reminding everybody of the good times

Avi, Ilan & Oren  WAS WHO
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